As the leading provider of technical facility management, we @Amigo maintain and repair assets efficiently and reliably thus create healthy workplaces which indirectly contribute to company’s success. A spectrum of services offered is:


Electricity is an integral part of our life and its use is all pervasive. However, for the smooth operations and for the safety of visitors and employees regular maintenance of electrical systems is crucial. Our experts help you with electrical supply, installation, testing, wiring, monitoring, maintenance etc.


When it comes to managing property, plumbing systems are always under a lot of stress. Hence installations, regular maintenance and repair are a must. It may be a small leakage to a clogged toilet; a quick plumbing solution is always expected. Our plumbers will take care of your plumbing issues with utmost care.


With a high standard of workmanship, our craftsmen provide reliable and quality carpentry services covering kitchens, cabinets, doors, locks, shelves etc.

BMS Operator

BMS systems are intelligent microprocessor based controller networks installed to monitor and control a building’s technical systems and services such as air conditioning, lighting, ventilation and hydraulics. With our outcomes based approach, we provide a solid foundation for the operation and maintenance of your buildings.

STP Operation

Our STP services ensure optimum sewage/water treatment support for commercial, residential, industrial units. Our skilled manpower looks after the operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants, in an environment friendly manner with optimum functional support.

HVAC Operation

Maintaining healthy indoor quality is more important. HVAC is a crucial component of the facility and therefore it is needed to run the same with maximum capacity at all times. We assure the deliverance of best practices to address your structure’s HVAC needs.

Fire and Safety

In order to create a safe workplace, one must adhere to strict fire prevention and maintenance of up-to-date fire protection systems. We provide you with the best fire safety measures in order to keep your people safe and your business going.