Soft Services


Clean work spaces contribute to productivity to a greater extent and create a pleasing work environment. Our expertise covers a wide range of cleaning and hygiene services. Our services mean qualified trained individual + use of safe and sustainable cleaning products which we source from renowned suppliers. Our staffs are equipped with right material, right machinery and right equipments which enable them to deliver their best and thus make client satisfied.


Landscaping and plants not only beautifies the place but also make a good impression. Our landscape professionals help you not just in simple upkeep but take a comprehensive approach in commercial landscape designing and maintenance.

Waste Management

We offer a wide range of waste disposal management services like general waste and bulky waste collection, recycling services, pest control etc. in a cost –effective and environmental friendly manner.

Guest House Management

Guest house management services assure a comfortable stay and a delightful experience to all the guests visiting the guest house. Our professionals keep a check on the maintenance of rooms and common areas, deep clean furniture, fans, appliances, door knobs etc, clean up dining and kitchen areas and prepare, serve meals to the guests.