Pest Control

Pest management is a valuable service for both home and business owners who have concerns about insects or furry animal pests in the area, and the recurrence of infestation. Pest control management creates a long-term, effective solution for any pest problem.

General Disinfection

Our expert disinfection and sanitization services help in curbing the problems created by viruses, bacteria, microbes, germs that are impossible to target from the naked eye and cause trouble to the human body and thus make the surroundings better and hygienic .

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are not only a nuisance but can also cause property damage and transmit diseases that pose a threat to public health. Our pest control experts can provide the most suitable treatments to a rat problem identified in your home or business.


Our fumigation services prevent the spread of pests and minimise the risk of damage to your goods. These services comply with stringent national and international legislation, with best practice and with globally agreed quality and safety standards.

Anti – Larvae treatment

To control Malaria and dengue caused due to mosquito bites, a systematic anti–larval measure is required to be implemented with the selective residual chemicals. They work by killing mosquito larvae before they can grow into adults. For this, the chemical is sprayed intermittently  in all the logged areas, stagnated pints, slow running stream, drainage line, sewage line and drains, paddy field, septic tanks, heavily vegetated areas, etc. With this we can achieve effective mosquito control at the breeding level itself, where we can have maximum coverage with minimum chemical consumption.